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Engine oil, or “motor oil,” may range in coloration from light amber to dim brown, depending on how nicely you maintain your car. If there is an oil leak, typical perception tells you that it will be beneath the motor, however it’s not normally promptly clear where by your motor is located. Don’t chortle: on a entrance-wheel-push motor vehicle, your engine can be located at the front still left or front ideal, according to where by the transmission sits, and the engine may be in the rear of the vehicle should you’re driving a Porsche or perhaps a VW bug.

Yes, it might be the rear principal seal leaking transmission fluid. We do manufacture the BlueDevil Transmission Sealer but depending on your description in the leak it might be way too significant for what BlueDevil is meant to repair. The sole Answer could possibly be to contain the seal replaced.

Here is a idea: whenever you utilize the air con technique, it’s best to maintain the recirculation button from the “on” situation rather than the “clean air” place (see picture below with the recirculation button over a Honda). If you permit the car in “contemporary air” method, it's going to continue on to tug humid air to the vehicle, the auto’s cabin won't ever reach ideal temperature, and at times once the weather conditions is amazingly humid, the air will develop into fog because it pours out of your vents into your car’s passenger cabin.

I think this might be humidity dripping from your exhaust method. If your fluid is watery and evaporates without leaving a residue, This can be just exhausted condensation leaking from the seam or exhaust drain gap.

Should the oil leak isn't pouring out of your engine, or dripping on to any very hot components like an exhaust manifold, an automobile having an oil leak is usually pushed.

Hi there, I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa fe and just recognize very clear liquid dripping within the vehicle. I touched it and it wasnt greasy or vibrant. It felt like h2o Pretty much. I havent experienced any issue with it. I are already jogging the warmth although not the air conditioner. I'm new to all this.

Before I choose it to a mechanic, exactly what is the approximate cost to fix? Are there every other places which More Info i ought to be worried about and have checked given the age from the vehicle? It only has 215,000 Kms, and I really enjoy driving it.

Coolant incorporates a sweet smell, like candy, and likewise a sweet flavor. Don’t flavor it—it’s half ethylene glycol, and that is poison—but I've tasted it some occasions in my profession, not by choice.

The period of time it is going to just take to produce the repair is dependent upon the method you end up picking to employ as well as severity of your leak. Some solutions only consider a couple of minutes.

Cleansing the Carpets Cleaning the Home windows In case you have any questions about the treatment of your vehicle, speak to your Hyundai dealer. Use a foam-variety carpet cleaner. Cleaners of You could possibly use any household window cleaner on this kind can be found in aerosol cans in liquid the Home windows.

I've today seen a leak from under my car when I stopped inside the garage. The fluid is obvious and odourless, and appears to me to become water. With each individual drop You will find there's sizzling/popping seem coming from the region of your leak.

The colour of antifreeze has adjusted through the years and it now is available in nearly every color from the rainbow. I like to recommend using the producer's coolant, but If you cannot do this, at least use the identical color coolant.

Then use In the normal course of use, leather upholstered Hyundai. They are: an answer of delicate soap or detergent and drinking water surfaces will, Like every materials, select-up dust and using a cleanse sponge or delicate cloth.

You don’t choose to travel a car or truck which includes shed a huge degree of coolant. It can overheat and damage the motor. Hold an eagle eye to the temperature gauge. Or superior nonetheless, tow it to where by it could be mounted.

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